1. Feasibility studies
  2. Estimating the cost of proposed projects
  3. Providing comparative cost information during design to realise economical designs
  4. Advising on cost saving measures during the construction stages of projects
  5. Preparation of tender documents i.e. Bills of quantities, specifications, and agreements
  6. Initiating and participating fully in tendering
  7. Negotiating tender sums with contractors on behalf of clients
  8. Preparation of tender analyses and reports
  9. Preparation of schedules of materials
  10. Preparation of labour only contract agreements
  11. Advising on economical contract administration approaches


  1. Preparation of cash-flow projections to advice on the pattern of financial commitment throughout the project to assist clients in preparing their project budgets
  2. Advising on Interim payments through Interim valuations
  3. Preparation of financial appraisals during the construction stage of projects to keep clients posted on the financial position of the projects as they progress
  4. Advising on the avoidance and/or settlement of contractual claims and disputes
  5. Evaluation and settlement of claims
  6. Preparation of final accounts
  7. Advising on contractual implications of project management decisions


Costwise also offers the following other services:

  1. Project Management
  2. Research services in the area of the built environment and infrastructure